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  • Melissa Mesteller, Symmetry Martial Arts Testimonials

    I cannot say enough about Symmetry Martial arts. Master Sonia and Mr. Cody and staff are absolutely amazing. They are patient, fun, loving and energetic. They instill respect, discipline and confidence. I can see everyday the positive effect it is having on my kids and our family. I would recommend this program to anyone and everyone. We will never leave! Thank you for loving and caring for my children with everything you have. sincerely, satisfied customer (can you tell?)  - The Mesteller Family

    Melissa Mesteller
  • Ava Pence, Symmetry Martial Arts Testimonials

    This is a place where every child can belong and feel safe, supported, and grow as a person. It is really about each child's personal fitness and growth, not competition. This is a fun and family-oriented atmosphere. My children have been students for 5 years now, and they love it.

    Ava Pence
  • Jade M. , Symmetry Martial Arts Testimonials

    Symmetry Martial Arts is an amazing program which is age specific that really targets kids abilities and strengths. My 7 year old daughter has loved her karate experience, I have also loved it as a parent because I have seen her confidence and self esteem grow! Sonia and her staff are truly gifted in connecting with children and making the sessions fun but full of learning and discipline (without the kids even realizing it!). I'm so glad we found Symmetry!!❤️❤️

    Jade M.
  • Tina W. , Symmetry Martial Arts Testimonials

    I highly recommend Symmetry to anyone looking for a great martial arts school. The instructors are fantastic and the kids learn skills and discipline while having a great time. Master Sonia and her team set a great example as they themselves never stop learning. The students were actually invited last year to watch several of the instructors earn new degrees on their belts, including Master Sonia as she earned her 5th degree black belt. That they were willing to show their vulnerability as well as their strength and resilience was a powerful learning experience to these kids. Symmetry as a whole- the instructors, students, and parents are family to us!

    Tina W.
  • Angela V. , Symmetry Martial Arts Testimonials

    Symmetry Martial Arts holds a special place in our family's heart, as the owner (& instructors) nurture our children's talents, skill sets, and self esteem both on and off the mat. We couldn't be happier with our decision to send our daughter to Symmetry & for the opportunity for her to be exposed to such exemplary role models, who truly have a positive impact on all aspects of her life! We couldn't recommend this studio more!!

    Angela V.
  • Dudley B. , Symmetry Martial Arts Testimonials

    Our boys love it there. The coaches are knowledgeable and dedicated. Master Sonia has a passion for teaching and working with children and it shows in all she does.

    Dudley B.
  • Stefani W. , Symmetry Martial Arts Testimonials

    They Symmetry Team is truly dedicated to their mission statement of providing the coolest experience for every kid, every class! The instructors are constantly investing in their own knowledge and training to be able to teach each child in the way that's going to best foster their growth and development. They are passionate about what they do and who they're doing it with and for. Joining Symmetry is much more than joining a martial arts school, its joining a family!

    Stefani W.
  • Don H. , Symmetry Martial Arts Testimonials

    Quality martial arts training geared toward children in Jupiter, FL. Master Sonia Mendez and her team have excellent programs suited to the skill levels for a broad range of youth. I can see the growth and confidence in my own kids, and they are always excited to get to class and work on their SKILLZ with Master Sonia and Cody. Definitely a quality investment in our kids! Thank you Symmetry Martial Arts!!

    Don H.
  • Lacy L. , Symmetry Martial Arts Testimonials

    Inspiring, exciting and wonderful! Had the great pleasure of experiencing a self defense class with the Symmetry Team tonight! It made me feel strong and not afraid because I have a voice and power! It made me want to give my daughter every opportunity to learn how to protect herself and how to listen to her intuition. Great inspiration and teachers!

    Lacy L.
  • Sevastian P. , Symmetry Martial Arts Testimonials

    Should be named "School of Awesomeness" Without a doubt, the best children's martial arts academy that I have Ever been a part of !!! Sonia Mendez & Sammy Robinson are Super/Awesome/Fantastic/Incredible/Terrific/Amazing/Wonderful/Stupendous Ninjas ! I could not wish for a better team. They are my superheroes. I am honored and blessed to be a part of Symmetry Martial Arts!!!!!!!!

    Sevastian P.
  • Manny C. , Symmetry Martial Arts Testimonials

    The team at Symmetry is awesome! I love how they're dedicated to providing age appropriate instruction that furthers kids physically, intellectually, emotionally, and socially. I've trained in the martial arts for nearly thirty years and these guys care so much about providing good quality martial artists and helping them be the best version of themselves. Check them out.

    Manny C.
  • Katy A. , Symmetry Martial Arts Testimonials

    My 3 yr old LOVES it! Asks every day if he has karate! Master Sonia is great with kids & I feel like he's really learning (thought he might be too young)! I also did a self defense class with a group of moms & we were all thrilled with the class & plan on taking another

    Katy A.


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